TANGRAM Game for area management

Tangram game is a 7 pieces miracle game. From the 7 pieces fixed, they can create more than thousand shapes which you can play for your brain exercise, it's create a logical thinking and creative idea. ...


The master 7 pieces as shown in color (above). From these 7 pieces, you can create more than 1000 shapes : Sample as shown below :


Can you complete these shape within the 7 master pieces? Let's play!
If you can do the above shapes then, shall we go for the next level?
Here is it:


Ready for the next?? ... Let's go


If you play each shape successfully till now, you will learn and known by yourself that is about the area management! ... try to work on the floor layout, production process management then you will find that you can do it better.
By TC Goong & BIT team
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